Cello Hourglass Reed Diffuser - Berry Burst

Freshly picked strawberries and juicy mango work in harmony with aromatic passionfruit and cassis to give a tart yet sweet burst of vibrance.

Our exquisite Hourglass Reed Diffuser is elegant and stylish as well as practical, including an innovative coloured oil to enhance the aesthetics.

It is designed to distribute the scented oil slowly and gently through the concept of capillarity and gravity, to give a beautifully subtle fragrance.


Product Description


About Cello Hourglass Diffusers:

These are perfect for scenting smaller spaces and give a more subtle fragrance in larger rooms.

For optimal fragrance diffusion, it is best to place the diffuser near an open area in the room that provides air circulation.

This will transform your living space and create a unique ambience.

The Hourglass Diffuser begins to work once it is turned over, with the cycle taking between 2.5 – 3 hours.

The Diffuser will fragrance the home for up to 2 months.

How to Use:

Simply disassemble the hourglass reed diffuser by unscrewing one of the glass jars (don’t pull).

Carefully pour the reed diffuser oil into the detached glass jar (ensuring you don’t spill any).

Reassemble the two glass sections. The bottle with the fragrance will be the bottom section. Carefully screw the empty section on to the bottom jar (don’t use force).

Ensure the hourglass diffuser is secured.

Flip over the vessel to begin the diffusion process and to enjoy the fragrance.

Don’t turn over the diffuser during a cycle as this will cause the fragranced oil to leak.

Once the hourglass is assembled, do not unscrew the glasses until the end of the diffusion cycle.

Fragrance oils are highly concentrated and may cause some irritation if in direct contact with the skin.

Caution should be used to keep the oil concentrate well out of reach of children and pets.

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Additional Information

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