Our Cello Story - Creating a Harmony of Fragrance

We are a family owned business with fragrance products at the heart of everything we do, we decided to take our knowledge, expertise and passion for quality home fragrance and create an exciting, bespoke home fragrance collection: Cello.

The art of mixology, the finest perfumers and our depth of expertise in the market has been key to enabling us to create the Cello Collection.

Our senses embrace fragrance, as we like to say the "scents of smell" We ensure every fragrance hits a note, a "fragrance note". Every fragrance blend has a top, middle and base note; combined creating a harmony of scents.

The unique sensory journey on each of our fragrance offering is a 3d interpretation of the fragrance notes. The artful colourways and modern on-trend design features on each product will enhance any interior with a style and elegance.

All Cello products carry a subtle logo, ensuring authenticity and quality, this is featured throughout the collection; giving our halo of approval.

Cello launches with 12 tantalising fragrances, a blend of paraffin wax offering muted wax colours, reed diffusers and innovative home fragrance solutions along with complimenting accessory collections.

With global expertise, authenticity and passion: now is our time.